Monday, March 10, 2014

Puppy Party!!

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When SweetPea turned seven (what?!?) we went with a PUPPY PARTY theme. It was definitely a fun party to pull together. As usual, it was all DIY and I tried to keep costs down as much as possible. The concept was that the guests would be able to adopt a puppy and, of course, there were plenty of puppy-related snacks!

It's time for a PUPPY PARTY!

Here are the highlights...

I was able to score a dozen dog beanie babies on eBay for about $5 - bargain!! These were used for the adoption center and each guest was allowed to choose one to keep. I designed the sign in Powerpoint and printed on photo paper. The puppies were placed in cute plastic buckets that were left over from Boogey's Rainbow Party (see here).

Puppy party adoption center

I found these super cute (free!) adoption certificates over at Chickabug and we filled one out for each guest and placed in a plastic sheet protector for safe keeping.

Free Puppy Adoption kit from Chickabug

Then the kids went over to the Puppy Spa where they groomed their puppies and placed a collar on them. The "tub" and brush/comb set were from the Dollar Tree. The "collars" were actually bracelets that I found on amazon (12 for $9). They were a little big for the beanie babies, but worked ok. Some kids actually just wore them as bracelets themselves.

Puppy Grooming Station
Bracelets acted as Dog Collars 
Next they went to the "vet" where they picked up a packet of Puppy vitamins. These were simply fruit snacks that I placed in small plastic containers purchased in a 10-pack from the Dollar Tree. I printed up some small tags on photo paper and taped to the top of each lid.

Puppy Party Vitamins (Fruit snacks)

I don't have any photos of the last puppy "station", but I had a bunch of white sandwich bags which the kids could decorate with markers and puppy stickers found in the dollar spot at target.

There was plenty of puppy-themed food. I made the cake myself simply cutting a sheet cake with a hand-made template. And I designed all of the food labels myself in PowerPoint and printed them on Photo Paper. The dog bowls were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Puppy Party Milk Bone Cake
Puppy Party Dogs in Blankets
Puppy Party Go Fetch Sticks (pretzel Sticks)
Puppy Party Frisbees (Pizza Bites)
Puppy Party PUP-corn
Puppy Party Puppy Chow (Cocoa Puffs)
Puppy Party Puppy Treats (Scooby Graham Snacks)
Puppy Party Water Bowl (Blue Jello)
Puppy Party RUFF-age

All of the kids had a great time! This was a fun party to pull together and I was pleased at how low I was able to keep the costs. Another success! :)

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  1. Hi! We are also doing a puppy party! I love your signage-do you happen to still have it saved? I would love to use those labels for my food!! Thanks!

    1. me too!

    2. Hello, your decoration is soo cute. I really would love if you could send me the label files.
      Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi! We are also hosting a Paw Patrol party and I'd love the signs as well. Can you send them to me at

  3. Can I please get a copy of your printables? They are sooooo cute. Thanks in advance.

  4. I just started planning a puppy party and would love to use your printables! Can you send them to me? My email is Thanks!

  5. I would love to use your printables as well. My email is Thanks!

  6. I would love to get a copy of your printables too. Can you please send to my email: Many thanks...

  7. I would like a copy of the printables also please!
    thank you!!!!!

  8. I am also having a puppy party for my twins. Would you mind sending them to my e-mail address: Thank you very much!

  9. I am about to do the same thing & would love the printables as well -

  10. Could you email them to me as well please and thank you! have a great one!!!

  11. Id love them too!

  12. Could I please get a copy of the signs as well.

  13. Could I get a copy of the signs, please? MY email is

  14. Can I have a copy of your printables, please. My daughter will love them.

  15. Hi there I'm having a paw patrol party on Sept and would love a copy of ur signage if poss I ble. Tia.

  16. Could I have them too?

  17. These are wonderful. Could you email them to me:

  18. Could I please get a copy of the signs as well. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!

  19. Can you email the printables to me at Thank you!!

  20. Could i please also have a copy of your printable sinage, Muchly appreciated. :)

  21. Would love a copy as well if possible :). Thank you so much!!

  22. Hi I loved your Paw Patrol ideas and the printables. Can i have them too emailed to me please?
    thank you so much - in advance

  23. Hello you're so creative with your decoration. I hosting a party will you share your printable

    Thank you,


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