Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spraypainted {Dollar Spot} Owls

{WHoops - don't know why this reposted - I simply made an update to this old post but it re-posted it today - sorry for the repeat!}

Last weekend I decided it was time to bring a little life and color to our front porch. Some nice flowers were certainly a must, but I wanted something more. Then I saw this post over at Jane of All Crafts. I knew I had to get me some of those cute little owls and add some color to them... and to my front stoop!

So I picked up 4 of these ceramic owls from the dollar spot at Target (one to represent each of us - me, the Heela, SweetPea and Boogey).

Cute, but kinda creepy too.

Then I bought a can of Krylon spray paint at Michaels (yes, using a 40% off coupon).

Funny how the camera is focused on the fritos... guess my mind was thinking of something besides paint!

And here they are all decked out in aqua and in their new place of honor on the front stoop.

Peek a Boo Hoo!

Hark! Hoo goes there?

Much Cuter Now!


I'm thinking maybe they could use a little more dimension... maybe some distressing or aging with a dark glaze or something? Doubt I'll ever get around to it though... LOL.

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  1. Okay I've got to get my hands on those! So cute in turquoise.

  2. Aww they look so cute! I have yet to spray paint mine so you are one step ahead! And the fritos look yummy ;-)

  3. SO cute! I have been wanting to spray paint something that color forEVER! I am thinking a trip to Target on my lunch hour today to see if I will be lucky enough to score a few of those myself...cross your fingers for me ;)

  4. I LOVE it!!!! Owls are the best ;)

  5. I am crazy for owls! The dollor bins are Target are as addicting as spray paint! So Cute!

  6. WOW! These look great! Love the blue colour! :)


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