Thursday, November 3, 2011

Organizing extra tin foil, plastic bags, etc.

After a much-too-long hjiatus, I'm back. Sporadically. It will have to be enough! SO let's get back to it! :)

If you've been around for any length of time here on the blog, you know very well that I love to get a good deal. I shop sales, use coupons, stockpile (not in an extreme way though), yada yada yada. And one of the items I always seem to have an excess of are ziploc bags, tin foil and the like. In our kitchen, we have a drawer dedicated to these items and all of my essentials fit in there just fine. However, there isn't room for my non-essentials (i.e., parchment and wax paper) or for my excess items. So they would just get thrown onto the bottom shelf of our {invaluable} walk-in pantry like this...

Extra wraps and bags - what a mess!

Mind you, they were kinda working here in the sense that there was room for all these extras, but it was just always such a mess. And they would never stand up straight and it was just annoying and obnoxious. So I picked up the following at Walmart for less than $8...

I used the "wrap rack" and the "cabinet rack" from this set of 3 and hung them on one of the free walls in the pantry and... TA DA!

Organized boxes look so pretty!

It was such a quick, simple and inexpensive fix, but oh so wonderful! Now it not only looks so much better, it "works" better. Not to mention that I've now freed up some space on the shelf for something new! :)

Side note: this is the same rack set that I used for organizing my cleaning supplies in THIS POST. I really like how versatile it is!

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  1. will you come and do mine now? :) I've been wanting to get some of those baskets for my craft room!


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