Friday, October 15, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The other day I was able to make a quick run over to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore Store, "just to look" (or so I told the Heela). Truth is that when I had been there a couple of weeks ago, I had spotted a mirror that said "buy me!" but, alas, I passed on it. But... for 2 weeks it kept eating at me that I was supposed to have this mirror in my life. So... I finagled a trip over to the store "just to look" in the off-chance that the mirror would still be there.

When I walked in the door, the woman behind the counter told me to be sure to check out this weeks specials on the white board. Lo and behold, all "decor items" were 50% off. Decor included things like vases, dishes, pictures and... mirrors!! I told myself:

 "This must be a sign - this mirror and I are meant to be together!"

So I quickly made a bee-line to the mirror section, holding my breath the whole time. I could see that the pile of mirrors was much smaller than it had been 2 weeks prior and I had a sinking feeling that  ~MY~ mirror was probably gone by now.

But... it wasn't!!!

Holy canoli, spicy guacamole!

There it was, in the back of the pile... my beloved mirror. I checked the price tag and did some quick math in my head (see, being a CPA comes in handy all the time! hawhaw!).

Original price $45 --> sale price $22.50
Yeehaw! SOLD!

Let me tell you... this thing is SOLID! It is really heavy and well-built. It is HUGE, measuring 42 x 32 and s.o.l.i.d. wood. I kid you not when I say it weighs at least 50 pounds - no joke!! I think I am going to stain the frame a darker color to better match our bedroom furniture (since that is where this is going to go), but am still undecided if I'd rather just go the paint route. Isn't it great?

So hard to get a good pic of a mirror!
The back - all wood! And nicely wired
I like the subtle details of the frame
Thank you Mr. Jump!! (whoever you are!! :)

I also picked up this super cute, footed bowl - also on sale for 50% off --> so only $1!! I originally planned on painting it some color that would go better with our decor, but the yellow is kind of growing on me. Not to mention that I'm a little hesitant about painting ceramic. If you have any tips about how to paint ceramic without making it look... well... painted... please let me know!!

Aren't I cute??

Orig. Price $2 -- on sale for $1!! Score!

Don't you just love a good deal?? :)

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  1. Ooo! love both of those things! The bowl is dreamy :)

    And THANKS for your purchase for the owl! :)
    I'm so glad people like it! I was hoping that If I priced it well, that most everyone could afford some kind of vinyl decal this Halloween.
    Because I know how it is, when you WANT to buy something, but it's about the LAST thing you NEED to spend money on. hahah.
    You're awesome! Thanks!
    ~Shelley Smith

  2. very cool! I have SO done the whole "just to look" bit :-) The mirror is great and I think darker would look really nice. The bowl is great too especially when it was only a dollar!!!

  3. Kyra, that is awesome!!! Don't you love those finds? Reminds me very much of our family room coffee just nags and nags at you, you psych yourself out, and then the heavens open and life is good! Can't wait to see where the mirror goes!


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