Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Boogey!!

Boogey is celebrating her 3rd birthday today. I really can't believe it - time sure flies. It seems like just yesterday we were here...

I'll be the first to admit it... she was not a pleasant baby. She started out life by suffering from terrible janudice right after she was born and needed to spend a couple of days under the bili lights before they let us take her home.

Then she "decided" to develop colic. TERRIBLE colic. Colic that wouldn't end. From about 6pm until midnight EVERY DAY she would be unconsolable. We tried everything. I mean EVERYTHING! Nothing worked. And it lasted for months and months and months.

And she wouldn't sleep through the night. UNTIL SHE WAS TWO YEARS OLD!!! Seriously, child!!! Do you know how difficult you made things for your dad and me? Who both worked full time and had a 15-month old to take care of at the same time. We were zombies for TWO YEARS!

I admit it, I didn't always like her that much back then. Sounds terrible, I know. But it is true. I can admit it.

Her saving grace? Her smile. And her laugh. And her hair. She had some crazy damn hair. See for yourself! I kid you not when I say that these hairdos were NOT styled in any way, shape or form. Her hair had a mind of its own!!

I swear to you that we did NOT create this mohawk!
We called this one the "Donald Trump" - nice comb-over!
Stick your finger in a light socket much?
Something sure was funny! Maybe she saw her hair in the mirror?

She crawled at 7 months and decided that wasn't going to get her into mischief fast enough, so she started walking at 10 months. Yeah, we were NOT ready for that. *sigh*

*insert evil laugh here*
Mittens in May. Apparently it is all the rage in Milan.

A true fashion plate. Yet, always a ham!

You drive me crazy, Boogey. But you also make me laugh EVERY day! I love you so much and wish you all the best for a very Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. what a great little bit of history you shared! She is so cute, even if it was a tough couple of first years! wow! We had the jaundice treatments in the hospital too. Unfortunately they didn't realize that for the first 24 hours of treatments the light wasn't working.
    Hope you guys have a great weekend celebrating! She looks like she brings a lot of life to your home!

  2. happy birthday to your crazy monkey :) You look great in the just given birthday photo and I think you can forgive that super cute smile for the two years of colic - you were so sleep deprived you can't remember it anyway, right? :)

  3. ADORABLE!! My youngest had jaundice also and reflux/colic and chronic ear infections and didn't sleep through the night until she was a year, so I feel your pain. I have to say she is our little comedian though and makes me laugh everyday too! Happy birthday to your Boogey!


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