Friday, February 4, 2011

Numbering Comments in Blogger

So if you are like me, you aren't very Blog-Tech-Savvy. That is why I love Blogger so much - it really makes it so easy to design a nice-looking blog without having to know the first thing about HTML code or anything special. But occassionally, I have seen some features on other blogs that I wanted to emulate on my own. But when I do searches online for a "How To", it starts talking about code and editing my template and all that. And I will admit it... that really makes me nervous. So most of time, I pass on them, simply sticking with the basic edits. But the other day, I decided to be brave and I tackled my first {major} {minor} template change. Squueee! (ok, yes, I'm a  dork)

That change was.... Numbering My Comments!

If you have ever had a giveaway on your blog for which you use a random number generator to select the winner, you've had to figure out which comment was the winning number. Well, if you had a lot of comments to go through and they weren't numbered, you probably went a little crosseyed trying to count each comment until you found the winning one, right? No? Was it just me?? Ok, hopefully there was a least one of you out there who experienced this problem so I don't look too stupid right now! ;)

Well, there is a solution! You can add some simple code to your blog template which will add numbers to your comments! Then you can quickly and easily determine which comment is the {WINNER}!

I'm not going to re-post the tutorial here for you because there is already a nice, short and simple one right here... even *I* could follow this!

The one thing I do know about this code for it to work properly is that your comments have to be embedded at the bottom of your posts (like mine). They can't be in a separate pop-up window.

Oh, and be sure you back up your blog before you try making the changes... just in case!! LOL
I hope it works for you!
(because I probably can't answer your questions if it doesn't! bwahahaha)
Good luck!!

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  1. ahh, thank you for this!!!! I have been in the cross eyed counting comments for giveaways, so now I know there is an easier way!!!! :)

  2. Thank you for this. The tutorial ROCKS!!!


  3. Thanks for linking this up... I'd been searching for a tutorial that actually worked!! :)


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