Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Tot Swap

So last fall {HERE}, I told you about my trip to our big semi-annual local consignment sale, "Tot Swap", and how I scored an entire winter wardrobe for SweetPea for less than $100. Well, a couple of weeks ago it was time for the spring sale. Once again, I needed to get a full wardrobe for SweetPea (spring/summer this time) so I was looking forward to scoring some great deals.

This time, however, I decided to also be a consignor myself! We have been storing a bunch of big baby items in our basement and garage for a while now and just wanted to get it all out of the house. We were about to donate it all but then I figured "why not try to make a few bucks at the same time?". So I registered to be a consignor in the Spring Tot Swap and got started cleaning and "tagging" all the items. They use a special online consignment software program which enables you to create price tags for you items complete with bar codes. The tags include your registration number and then lists the price you want, details about the item, etc. It takes a little while to type it all up, but you get 65% of the sale price so it can be worth the effort.

I made a point to price the items really low just to make sure they would sell - we just didn't want to bring them back into the house!! I was a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures of my input, but I had:
- single stroller
- double stroller
- highchair
- pack N play
- infant swing
- infant bathtub
- diaper bag
- infant sling
- bedding/nursery set
- breathable bumper
- potty
- about 50 pieces of clothes

Here is the only photo I have from the day (taken on my cell phone) but you can get a semi-idea of the volume of clothing and baby/toddler items at this sale.

In the end we sold every single non-clothing item that I put in and about 1/2 the clothes I submitted. Woohoo! Of course, I spent about $100 on clothes for SweetPea and another $10 on books for the girls. But I still net about $100 after my registration fee so not too shabby. A profit of $100 AND getting all that unused stuff out of our house AND getting a summer wardrobe for the 4 year old?? FABULOUS! Here is a photo of all the clothes I bought for SweetPea...

37 pieces of clothes @ an average of $2.75 each. Not too bad! :)

My score for $101 (including tax):
- 2 bathing suits
- 3 Pajama sets
- 3 pairs of capris
- 1 long sleeve shirt
- 10 pairs of shorts
- 18 t-shirts/tank tops

I plan on participating again in the fall as a consignor - this selling stuff is addictive! How about you other mom's out there? Do you buy all new clothes for your children or are you cheap frugal like me? Ever consign?

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  1. I went to a wee cycle sale a couple of years ago...they are fantastic, such awesome deals!! I also shop and consign at two different stores, Once Upon a Child and Greenberries. I don't see the point of spending full price on something that will be outgrown in a couple of months. Great finds btw!

  2. Oh I totally am frugal like you. Most of the kids toys, and clothes were all hand me downs, or second hand bought. I am having a harder time getting good clothes for my 12 year old boy, but I always shop sale items, he knows better, than to ask for something full price.

    My princess has gotten so MANY clothes, she never wore them all, and I've made gobs of money selling her old clothes. Love it!!


    Bella :) Bella Before and After

  3. great scores, I buy mostly new, but I do also get stuff at consignment, the problem with my oldest now is that she is in sizes that don't consign well - 1) they wear them out much more 2) they are just basic t-shirts you can get new for about the same price or 3) she is so picky that I have to be able to return it, so I need to pay $10 for something that I can return vs. $5 for something that I can't and will just sit there....

  4. ps - I DO love selling, I made $600 in the fall sale! WAHOO!


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