Friday, September 24, 2010

Tot Swap!

Today was TOT SWAP day! 

(and, no, that doesn't mean you get to trade your tot in for a new one! LOL). 

Basically it is a huge consignment sale with clothes, toys, baby gear, etc. and it is held in my area twice a year - spring and fall. Each season, I am typically "good to go" with clothes for Boogey -- she gets lots of hand-me-downs from her big sis, plus I've got a really good "sharing" deal with a friend of mine whose daughter is sized in between my 2 girls.

But SweetPea is a different story. For starters, she's huge (read "tall") for her age -- she is not even 4 yet but needs size 5 clothes for length. Plus, I don't have anyone bigger/older than her to share with. (Well, that isn't entirely true... I have received a ton of stuff from my niece, but SweetPea won't fit in any of it until next winter). So, I basically need to buy an entire winter wardrobe for her each season. 

Enter.... TOT SWAP! I spent about 2 hours this morning sifting through the racks and racks of clothes and piles of books and toys...

(please pardon my crappy cell phone photos!)

And these photos only show about 1/2 of what they had!

 I ended up with:

12 long-sleeved shirts
8 pairs of pants
3 (2-piece) sweatsuits
2 pairs of pajamas
13 books
2 {super cute} mini rocking chairs

(Notice Milo in the upper left corner - he just had to get his cat hair all over everything as soon as it came in the house!)

Want to guess my cost for all that???

All told, it came to $97.52!!

Not too shabby!! If I break it all down into individual pieces, that works out to about $2 per item. Most of the clothes are either Gymboree or Children's Place so really not a bad deal. Plus they are all in realllllly good condition. Some barely look used (as many kids clothes can be).

Two of my favorite deals were:

Awesome fleece hoodie with matching sport-type pants - $4 for the set!!

This 2-piece set from Gymboree was only $5!!

And I just couldn't resist these mini wooden rocking chairs for only $2.

I initially planned on giving one to each kid to use with their Barbie dolls or small teddy bear or whatever, but I am now thinking I may need to paint one white and use it in my own decor... wouldn't it look cute on the mantle??

Look how {CUTE} I am! (and dusty! LOL)

All in all, not a bad deal for a winter wardrobe! She'll probably need a few more things, but overall I was quite pleased with my haul.

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