Monday, May 23, 2011

Making use of a sled in summertime!

We were lucky to finally have some sunny weather this weekend after days weeks of rain. We went to a farm festival on Saturday morning where we heard lots of fun music, slid down loooooong homemade slides and ate way too much junk food. It was a BLAST! :)

When we got home, SweetPea asked me for a bucket so she could play with the new rubber duck she got (for free ~ that's my girl! ;) at the festival. I knew I would have to find something big enough for both the girls to play with, so I rummaged around in the garage and found...

...a sled!


Yes, you read that right... I said a SLED. It was just deep enough to make a good 'pond' for the rubber ducks and long enough to allow both girls to play together. They thought it was the greatest idea and had so much fun!

Use a sled as a makeshift water table in the summer!

Of course, Boogey was being a typical Boogey and soon decided it would be much more fun to add some dirt to the mix... That girl loves to make a mess! Here is what the sled looked like when they were done...

Muddy water is so much more fun!

But they sure had fun - mud and all! And I love the fact that I was able to cross over seasons with this sled! {more bang for the buck!} We'll definitely be doing this activity again!

Have you ever found a way to re-purpose a "winter" toy in the summer?

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  1. cool idea!! When I read the title I was thinking you guys went sand sledding on some dunes :-)

  2. That is a FUN idea!!! Bet your kiddos really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing this on Fancy This also!!!


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