Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

If you have kids, you probably know that this was Teacher Appreciation Week (and if you didn't know... then "FYI!" ;)

And, to be totally honest, I can't even remember what I've done for this in the past but I know I did something relatively small. With a 3-yr old and a 4-yr old in preschool, we have a lot of teachers to appreciate and I just can't afford to buy everyone gift cards to Starbucks or wherever. I mean, we're talking about 9 women that provide care throughout the day to my girls!

But we do really appreciate the love, care and guidance they give to SweetPea and Boogey so I wanted to do something. But I am so busy these days that I knew it would have to be quick and easy. And, of course, CHEAP FRUGAL! :)

As I was "surfing the net" (does anyone even say that anymore? Or am I aging myself??) on my lunch break yesterday I came across
this idea from Itsy Bitsy Paper and decided it would fit the bill perfectly!

Image Courtesy of Itsy Bitsy Paper

I downloaded the FREE bag toppers found HERE, printed them off on regular printer paper, cut to size and then stapled onto a snack-size bag. The girls wrote their names on the tags for each teacher. Here is my version...

Teacher Appreciation Day "gifts" (Note: the big smudge at the bottom is hiding Boogey's name)

They don't look quite as good as the original, but, heck, these are preschool teachers... they aren't used to perfection! LOL

I only put 2 fortune cookies in each bag (and only 1 in some!) since we had to make so many and there were only 15 cookies in the box, but I think the message still gets across. The girls had fun helping me put them all together and writing their name on the tags. 

Boogey puts the cookies in bags

My only cost out-of-pocket was for the box of fortune cookies which was $2.39 - not too shabby, huh? However, next time, I'll make a point to hoard the fortune cookies from our Chinese Food take out orders!! :)

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  1. Something that can contribute to the class as a whole that benefits all students is an ideal teacher gift.


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