Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grocery Shopping - saved 46%!

I usually go grocery shopping every weekend. Some weekends are a BIG shop while others are just the basics (milk, bread, produce). This past weekend, it was supposed to be a basics trip. Until... I saw THIS...

Well, who can pass up Double $1.00 coupons?? I mean, getting $2.00 off a product often means very cheap, if not FREE, items! Wahoo! So even though I've been dreadfully sick and felt like crapola, I sifted through my coupon pile, pulled out practically every $1.00 off coupon I could find and headed out.

I won't bore you with details, and I don't have a picture of my purchases, but I can show you this...


Love getting some good deals! Now you may be saying, "eh, yes, you saved $76 but you still spent 100 smackeroos". But keep in mind that I got some larger-priced (is that a word?) items. For example, 3 boxes of kitty litter, a bag of cat food AND an 18-pack of 'name brand' toilet paper. If you look closely, you'll see that I got 60 items for that $100.

For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that works out to $1.67 per item! Per item, people! Given that the total includes those big ticket items, that is pretty good if I do say so myself. Clearly, I got quite a few things for free. And it is a grand savings of 46%!! Not too shabby!

Of course I felt even worse by the time I got home, but it was worth it. I love getting a good deal. That is for sure! :)

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  1. HOLY COW! Nice work, girl! Thats a ton of money saved :)
    You are a coupon queen!
    I def. need to get into that. haha.
    Thanks for sharing on my blog with your comment. It's totally helps to know that people go through the same kind of thing.
    ~Shelley Smith


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