Monday, August 30, 2010

Score! -- Leaning Bookcase

I've wanted to put some sort of shelving unit in our master bedroom (specifically on MY side ;) since we moved in. That way, I wouldn't have to cramp all of my crap treasures on top of my dresser. Unfortunately, there isn't much extra wall space in the room to have any sort of large bookcase. In fact, the only real space I have for something, is a nook less than 30" wide in between the wall and my dresser. Now, while I found plenty of pretty, tall and skinny bookcases... there was a problem.

Houston, we have a problem!

The problem is that there is a heating/AC vent... on the floor... right. in. that. corner. And since I obviously couldn't place anything on top of it, that ruled out nearly every one of my options. :(


But then I thought.... why not get one of those leaning ladder-style bookshelves?? That would be nice and open on the bottom! So I searched the internet for one that was skinny enough to fit in the space but that didn't break the bank either. And even though I found a few that would work from a size perspective, the shipping on the darn things cost just as much as the item itself. Seriously???

So... as is pretty typical of me... I waited... and waited... and waited...

Until one day...

While perusing craigslist...

I found one! Local! Cheap! In the right size!

It was actually still brand new in the box and the seller was asking $40 for it -- even cheaper than any of those I'd seen online (without shipping). So I went out on a limb and offered $25 (knowing I would still pay $40 if she wouldn't budge) but... she accepted it!

~happy dance~

Apparently she had tried to sell it in a yard sale and had no takers, even though she had reduced the price from $40 to $35 during the day. I guess she just wanted it out of her living room by that point so she gladly accepted my $25 offer. Score for me!! :)

Here it is right after I assembled it and put a few things on it.

I need to spruce up all of my stuff a bit and go shopping in my house for a few more accessories, but not bad for a $25 brand-new shelf!

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