Friday, August 27, 2010

Mirror Transformation (aka the Frame Fiasco)

So a few days ago I shared my Master Bath Makeover HERE . One of the big impact changes I made was to add a mirror frame to our humongo builder-grade  mirror.

Now, I have seen other wonderful DIY-ers who built their own frame using molding and liquid nails. (of course now I can't find any links). But I didn't want to deal with cutting my own wood and glue and all that hassle.  So, when I stumbled across the Mirror Mate website HERE , I was sold! The measuring process was surprisingly easy since they provide you with detailed instructions on how to do it. The hardest part is choosing which frame you want. I sent away for a few samples (I think it was $5 for 3 different frame samples) and decided on this one:

Pemaquid Black (photo courtesy Mirror Mate)

I ordered the frame in early December 2009 with the intention of putting it up over my Christmas vacation. Unfortunately, due to some family medical emergencies, this wasn't possible.

So it sat... and sat... and sat... in our garage. For a loooooooong time.

Finally, about 3 months ago, I decided I was going to put the darn thing up already! So I unpacked the frame pieces and laid them all out in our dining room. Only to discover that the Heelamonster (my husband) had "misplaced" (aka "lost") the assembly kit which had been mailed along with the frame pieces.

So the frame sat... and sat... and sat... in our dining room while Heela "looked" for the missing kit.

 After about a month, I couldn't take it anymore so I called Mirror Mate and told them we had lost the kit and that I wanted to buy a new one. Well, I'll be darned if they didn't send me a new one free of charge! How nice was that???

~~happy dance!~~

So after yet another month, I FINALLY set out to get the darn thing up already! First I laid out all my pieces in the playroom...
Ready for Assembly!          

Then I followed the instructions and put it all together

Ready to Hang!

Now it's time to go put it on the mirror! YAY!

Wait... NO... It won't work... CRAPOLA!!!


So the installation concept is that you basically take your frame and walk straight towards your mirror and stick it on (more or less). Simple. Provided that... there is nothing blocking your "straight-on attack" on either side. Which is what we had. On both sides!! AUGH! On the right we have a medicine cabinet that sticks out a bit that we had to somehow shimmy around. And on the left, we have this built-in shelf thingy (yes, that is the technical term) which we realized we would have to cut away enough so that the frame could fit in the newly-created gap. (Obviously, I hadn't thought about these obnoxious design elements when I ordered the frame!)

In-the-way Medicine Cabinet - CHECK!

Cut-Away Shelf Thingy - CHECK!

Once we got the "gap" big enough (using a chisel to remove some of the molding at the end of the shelf), we knew we'd have to slide the frame in from above (after shimmy-ing around the medicine cabinet) (and without letting the frame stick to the mirror until we wanted it to). But, as our luck would have it, our lovely ~Hollywood Lights~ prevented us from sliding the frame in from above. CRAPOLA!  But, thankfully, we knew we wanted to replace those anyway, so we decided there was no time like the present!

Light Fixtures Removed - CHECK!

This created enough room on top to raise the frame up and... FINALLY, after much cursing, we were able to shimmy the frame around the medicine cabinet, slide it down into the newly-created gap and stick it into place. 


And although I'll admit it was a huge headache to install,


Frame Finally Installed - CHECK!

Now before you freak out decide to choose another option, I have to say that this product really is easy to install. You just have to be careful if you have any design elements on the sides of your mirror that could be in your way and prevent you from taking a "straight-on" approach. Otherwise, (as you can see if you check out the helpful installation video on Mirror Mate's website), it really is easy peasy! And in all honestly, I would definitely recommend the product AND use it again!

Here is another view of the Before and After



SO??? What do you think?? Nice transformation, huh?

For the record, I have not been compensated in any way by Mirror Mate for this review or for using the product. I paid full price for my frame (ok, not true - I used a discount code I found online - this is ME, after all!!) and was given no personal guidance on installation (clearly!! LOL)

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  1. Looks great! I just order a frame from today (also used a coupon! 20% off) and can't wait to get it in and on the mirror. Mine should be interesting to install as it is 112"x 48". I came across your story/pics on there forum. BTW, you have neat-witty way to your writing/ blogging...Thanks for sharing.


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