Sunday, December 12, 2010

Superhero (Batman) Birthday Party - Part 2

So in my post HERE, I gave you the low-down on the decorations and food for my daughter's 4th birthday party - a BATMAN party! Now it is time to tell you about the activities we did.

As mentioned, the whole premise was that the kids were attending a "Superhero Training Academy". Now, again, I will NOT in any way take credit for this amazing idea. I fully admit that I copied these ideas from Tip Junkie HERE and Designer Girl 007 HERE and only made minor adjustments to suit our needs.

The first thing on the agenda was to get the kids outfitted as Superheros. After all, if you want to be a superhero, you need to look like one! So I made each kid a cape out of black fleece (see my tutorial for this no-sew project HERE) with their initial on the back.

Next we put temporary tattoos on each kid. I found these batman ones on eBay for a reasonable price. I don't know why, but toddlers and pre-schoolers LOVE temporary tattoos so these were a big hit!

Once all the kids were properly outfitted as superheros, we headed to the basement. Our first activity was the "Power Push" - after all, any good superhero needs to know how to defend themselves and push a bad guy away. My husband happened to have this defense target (from his job) and the kids loved giving it a good push and a kick!

Time for the "Power Push"

The next activity was the "Batcave". We set up the girls' tent and tunnel in the basement and draped a tarp over top to make sure it was nice and dark inside.


On the inside of the tent, I hung lots of black streamers (I found the roll of black streamers at Target's Halloween clearance for only 15 cents!). I then taped a bunch of those glow sticks that can be made into bracelets to the walls and ceiling (these were also bought on clearance at Target - 50 cents for a pack of 10) .

The concept was that the kids had to crawl through the tunnel and retrieve 2 glow sticks (kryptonite). They got to wear the bracelets once they came out and take them home with them. Again, what kid doesn't love glowstick bracelets?? Another big hit!

Impossible to get a good pic of the inside of the tent! LOL

Next we moved up to the living room where it was time for "Mighty Muscles". For this activity, I made a set of dumbbells out of foam craft balls (bought with 40% off coupons from Michaels) and a wood dowel that I spray painted black. The kids had fun taking turns lifting the "heavy" weights and I took a photo of each one holding it up. The photos were later emailed to each parent (I had intended on printing them out and including in the thank you cards, but totally forgot until after the cards had been sealed - d'oh!)

Here the Heela demonstrated how "heavy" the dumbbell was. :)
SweetPea shows everyone how it is done!

The last formal activity was "Vaporize a Villain". 

This was the one sign I had to make myself - came out pretty good I think! The others were borrowed from the sites listed above.

For this, we headed out to the garage... here are all the bad guys...

We taped the pictures to a tarp so the silly string wouldn't make a mess of the garage door

And here were the vaporizers!! Silly string!!! (well, knock-off brand from the Dollar Tree! "Goofy String". LOL)

Each kid got a turn spraying their choice of color at their choice of picture(s) and, let me tell you... they LOVED it!! I don't think any of them had ever used silly string before and they had an absolute BLAST!!! (I will note that most of the kids had a little trouble pushing down the nozzle so the Heela had to help them - but they still loved this activity!).


I had intended on sending a can of string home with each kid, but admit that I totally forgot to do this at the end of the party. Frankly, I don't think any of the parents were all that disappointed! LOL.

Once the activities were done we had the pizza and cupcakes. All in all, I think everyone had a great time. I know that SweetPea really enjoyed her party - I'm so glad I could make it special for her.

Happy 4th Birthday SweetPea!!!

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  1. How do you not have any comments on this SUPER adorable party? I love everything about this post (especially that you originally posted it on my birthday). I love a girl that can commit to a theme as well as you have done here. Loved vaporize a villain (brilliant). Loved the kryptonite. AND, I thought your barbells were perfect. I would have done the same thing but even with a 40% off coupon, I am way too cheap to buy Styrofoam balls :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  3. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing, I'm having a superhero birthday party for my 5 & 1 year old boys at a park, so this gave me some inspiration.

  4. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing, I'm having a superhero birthday party for my 5 & 1 year old boys at a park, so this gave me some inspiration.

  5. These are awesome ideas!!! Kudos to you and your husband for being Super awesome parents!!! The world needs more parents that do things like this for their kids!!!! My son is turning 4 and is having a batman party these are awesome ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :) ~Brittany

  6. So happy I found this. My daughter is turning 5 and wants super heroes. Great ideas and love the pics.

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