Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Dollar Tree Hurricanes

So the truth is that I barely got my dining table decorated for fall. And when I say "barely", I mean BARELY. In fact, it was done so late in the game that I didn't even get a chance to post about it on here because the next day, it seemed, fall was over. Here is a quick look back...

It was simple. "Understated" is the word I like to use. "Easy" is another one. And, dare I say, "Cheap"? Yeah, this is me. Frugal to the core. :) I simply took my DIY Dollar Tree Hurricanes (discussed HERE) and filled them with some fall-like filler I bought at... the Dollar Tree. One bag in each hurricane. The raffia-like stuff around the base of the hurricanes had actually been tied around the bags of filler to hold on the tags  - I just relocated it!

The piece de resistance of the whole thing are the linen wine bags. These were a very generous gift from the amazing Denise over at Pink Postcard. She made them for me after I complimented some on her blog and I lurve them! {And I do have to share the funny story about how the Heela initially thought the one bag said "Wino" instead of "Vino" and asked me... "How does she know you're a wino when she's never met you in person?" Hardee har har.} But seriously, you should go check out Pink Postcard... you won't be disappointed.


I was a little better with my timing in changing out the hurricanes for Winter. So here you go! :)

Once again, I hit up the Dollar Tree and came back with this...

(The hurricanes were mine from before and I didn't end up using the stones in this project).

In my opinion, these door knob hangers were pretty tacky (no offense to anyone who likes them!) but I liked the size of the bells on them and the store didn't have a package of bells in that size. So I bought 4 of these hangers.

I originally planned on simply cutting the bells off the ribbons and mixing them in with my ornaments. But upon closer inspection, I realized I could deconstruct the ribbon part of the hanger and do something a little more fancy. Here is the end result...

Basically, I just dumped a tube of ornaments into the hurricane and then hung a strand of the deconstructed ribbon/bells on each side. Here is another view...

And another...

I tied another strand of ribbon/bells around the base.

I placed the two hurricanes on either side of my Crate and Barrel ornament tree (a $3 Estate Sale find from last year - brand new in box - score!!) which is adorned with my Swarovski Snowflake Ornament collection.

In the kitchen, I placed a third hurricane which had a mix of red and silver ornaments from the Dollar Tree. Since there wasn't as much room at the top to dangle the ribbon/bells on the side, I draped a couple across the top.

And there you have it. Another fast and frugal decoration! Thoughts??

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  1. I think it all looks beautiful! I'm hitting Dollar Tree on the way home. They should use you as their store mascot! :-D

  2. Love it. That's what I did with my Dollar Tree Hurricanes. I heart the Dollar Store. =] I really like the bells hung over the sides. What a great idea!


  3. welll, aren't you just sweet?! Thanks for the nice mention, I'm so glad you are enjoying them. I hear your voice in the back of my head on trying to get these up and going on Etsy, but hopefully after the start of the year.
    I NEED to find those hurricanes!! I've seen non footed ones there, but I may have to do a little more scouring! I am enjoying my tube of silver ornaments as well! :)

  4. @ Denise - that is the beauty of these hurricanes... you add the foot yourself! Check out my post here-->

  5. This looks great. I just discovered a dollar tree next door to my new hair salon and bought a bunch of random stuff. My fave is the garland I used for my mantel. Mixing in some nicer pieces with good looking dollar tree finds is easy, inexpensive decor. I heart that!

  6. I have been looking for hurricanes so I could do exactly that with them!!! Thanks for the pointer!! :) By the way, I'm your newest follower!!

  7. Love it! I might be off to the store tomorrow for some of those bells! Though, I'm a little scared of the kids finding them and going crazy! ;) Thanks for sharing beautiful ideas!


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