Sunday, January 30, 2011

{Lollipop} Flower Pot

So a couple of days ago, I told you about the "Pink Monkey" birthday party I am planning for Boogey. I've got lots of DIY decorations planned which incorporate this theme and have finally crafted the first one.

A {Lollipop} Flower Pot!

Now before I go any further, I want to provide full disclosure that this is not my original idea. Truth is, I saw this project over on Primitive and Proper earlier this month and decided that I totally had to steal borrow this idea (and don't worry, I've already let Cassie know it was coming - she's cool! If you haven't checked our her BLOG, you really should. She is especially talented at refinishing old furniture! :)

Following Cassie's lead, I gathered all of my supplies:

- Small metal pail - $1.19 at Michaels (using a 40% off coupon)
- Two pack of 4" circle floral foam - $1.00 at Dollar Tree
- 3/8" Dowel  - $0.59 at Michaels for a 36" piece (I cut it down at home to a shorter size)
- Lollipops - ~$8.00 at CVS for a bag of 200 DumDums (but we only used about 60 of them for this project - lots of leftovers!!)
- Two 4" circles cut out of card stock from my old scrapbooking stash (I used my new Silouette to cut these but you could simply trace the floral foam onto card stock and cut with scissors)
- Two Flower and monkey images printed out on copy paper (from the file I purchased online which I discussed HERE)
- Glue stick and hot glue gun 

First, I cut one of the foam circles into a square that would fit into the pail. I shoved some of the leftover pieces into the gaps to make it more snug (not pictured below).

Next, I stuck one end of the dowel into the pot and the other end into the remaining foam circle.

My "camera-shy" girl just couldn't help herself...

Then, I just stuck the lollipops into the circle working my way around the edge until the whole thing was covered fairly well. Even the SweetPea helped a little with this task - she was very proud to assist in a special project for her little sis!

I had originally planned on using some brown paper shreds to cover up the foam in the pail (similar to what Cassie had done), but my "flower" seemed kind of top heavy - I think I cut my dowel a little too long. So I took some glass beads that happened to be in a jar nearby and dumped them on top of the floral foam in the pail. {Thanks to the Heelamonster for the great suggestion!!}. Doesn't look quite as nice as the paper shred would have, but it'll work and adds the stability I needed.

Next, I glued the green flower and monkey image to the pink circle using a glue stick. And then glued the pink circle to the foam circle using my hot glue gun.

I lucked out at Michaels and found this super cute ribbon in the Dollar Bargain Bin. It couldn't be a more perfect match!! So I tied some around the dowel (which I was too lazy to paint) and.... VOILA!

I think it came out pretty cute!

Could have glued it a little better... but, eh, they're 3 year olds!

Not too bad for about $3!

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  1. Those turned out so cute! And you know I'm fan of the cheap and easy!

  2. love it - very cute! I am definitely borrowing this idea also (we are working on the crayon one right now!)


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