Sunday, January 16, 2011

Score! at Target

Whenever I go to Target, I always make sure to go around the back endcaps. Why? That is where they put all the clearance items!! :)

Today, I came across 2 packs of toddler underpants for the Boogey. They were only marked down 30% but we were actually in the market for some new ones so I couldn't pass them up. Ended up being $15 for 20 pairs - not bad considering they are Hanes brand and Elmo designs. (And, yes, I realize it is pretty sad that I get excited about a good deal on underpants. Such is my life.)

But my REAL score was this...

A Black & Decker cordless screwdriver! With 9 different heads! And.... it's PINK! {Not that I am some sort of pink fanatic, but at least the Heela will be less likely to steal it!}

 And what makes it the best SCORE is this...

Yup! Less than $6 for this baby! 75% off !! Squuuuueeee! Love me a good bargain! There were quite a few of them - you may want to check your local Target to see if they have them there too.

(for the record, it looks like this same one is available at Lowes/Home Depot for about $11 - but only in orange - boooooring! ;).

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  1. LOVE. I might have to go back to target AGAIN this weekend just to look for this! :)

  2. That is an awesome deal and I love that it's pink! I need to go see if my Target still has one!!


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