Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pink "Mod" Monkey Party - Part 1

So Boogey's birthday is coming up in a few weeks. She'll be 3. I really can't believe it - time sure flies!! Anyway, she wants a "pink monkey" party (that girl LOVES her monkeys! Which, to be honest, is rather fitting - she is quite the monkey herself!). Of course, I wasn't quite sure what, exactly, she meant when she said she wanted a "pink monkey" party but I figured I'd do my own interpretation. So I scoured the internet for ideas and was really drawn to the "Mod Monkey" theme such as seen here. I showed it to Boogey and she approved whole-heartedly! :)

But being the cheapo frugal girl that I am, I didn't really want to spend a ton of money on party supplies such as "theme" plates and napkins. And I wanted to be able to personalize some of my own crafts (such as the banner I made for SweetPea's Batman party). So I searched online for a free image of this monkey but just couldn't find one that would print up nice and clear. *grrrrr*

Then I found the website Cupcake Cutiees. They sell a TON of downloadable .jpgs and .pngs and had the perfect reproduction of the 'official' mod monkey. The file only cost me $3.00 to download and provided me with the perfect designs/paper/images to allow me to do my own projects. The one I chose was called the "Girl MOD Monkey" (seen below). [Unfortunately, it looks like it is no longer available for purchase - sorry! :( ]  It came with the following virtual items: 4 papers, 2 tags, 3 flower images, and 4 monkey images.

I used one of the "tag" images and the big dot "paper" to create the party invitation. I assembled everything in Powerpoint to my liking and then just printed them out on plain copy paper using a color printer. I used a glue stick to adhere the printed out pages to some blank notecards I already had. Here is what my invite images looked like before printing and glueing. (names/dates/info have been changed for privacy purposes):

Homemade Mod Monkey Invitation - outside

Homemade Mod Monkey Invitation - inside

There will be 10 kids there under 5 years old. I wish we could invite more, but we just can't handle a huge party in our home so we had to make some difficult cuts! :(   Anyway, I've got some fun ideas planned for decorations and activities for this party!! I'll be blogging about a few of them as they come to life. And the rest you'll see at the big reveal after the party. So stay tuned!!

**See Part 2 of this Pink Mod Monkey Party (including decorations/food/etc.) HERE!!

{Legal Stuff - I have not been compensated in any way by  Cupcake Cutiees for my mention of their website. My opinions are my own and I paid full price for the download file.}

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  1. You live in anytown usa too? wow small world ;-)

    So cute! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. so cute!! You always have the best ideas for this kinda stuff! Hannah always would come up with an idea like this too, and then it was creative thinking to come up with what she wanted! (kinda fun though, isn't it??) This will be adorable.

  3. CUTE theme - can't wait to see it all come together! My 3yo LOVE mokeys as well and is definitely a little monkey herself! LOL

  4. that is adorale! i love the monkeys on it. the kids at emmy's party had a grand time taking the pops out!

  5. oops- i commented on the wrong post. you know what i mean!

  6. I am working on plans for my daughter's 1st bday party with this same theme and came across Cupcake Cuties as well - do you know anywhere else I can get a jpg or png of the mod monkey? I've been looking all over the internet tonight and my eyes are going to be crossed soon!
    Shannon (shannonsnailathotmaildotcom)

  7. The website doesnt have the jpeg of the girl mod monkey you know where else i could find it?

  8. I also searched the internet high and low for the mod monkey image!
    Would you be willing to share with another crafty & frugal mom?

    1. My monkey is turning 3 too and wants this. I too am on a strict budget but want to make it as colorful and inexpensive as I can with my budget. Would you be willing to share with me as well? Thank you in advance.

    2. This is exactly what I have been looking for to do my daughter's 1st birthday? I am so sad that they don't offer if anymore. Would you be willing to share or sell a copy of yours?

    3. You would make my year!
      My email is
      Thanks in advance!


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