Friday, April 29, 2011

I admit it. I have an addiction.

Do you have dry lips? Do you enjoy using lip balm? Do you have a tube of lip balm in virtually every room in your house?? Do you have 4 tubes in your bedroom alone??? Yeah, I do. I'm obsessed, I admit it. Yes, I am addicted to lip balm. In my defense (??) I don't wear lipstick. Ever. When I want a little bit of color, I opt for a berry-colored lip gloss but I really prefer the non-sticky feeling of lip balm instead. So when I came across a tinted lip balm in a recent online group sale, I knew I just had to try it.

Courtesy of Lilac Ave etsy shop

This tinted balm is made and sold by Lilac Ave, a super cute etsy shop that specializes in handmade soy candles, SLS free soaps, and natural spa products.. Through the group sale, I was able to choose from many different flavors for the lip balm and I decided to go for "mint" (although I am still really intrigued by the "margarita" option!!). The package arrived incredibly fast and I admit that I ripped it open voraciously!

Imagine my disappointment when I opened up the tube to find an untinted version of the mint-flavored lip balm. :(  I knew it had to be an unintentional error due to the sheer volume of sales involved in the group sale and I immediately sent an email off to Deb, the shop owner, asking if we could arrange an exchange. Let me tell you, Deb couldn't have been sweeter about the whole thing and immediately apologized for the mistake. And, to make things whole, she offered to send me the tinted mint lip balm free of charge while insisting that I keep the untinted balm too! How nice is that??!! The second package arrived only 2 days later and contained the fabulous tinted lip balm. (Deb also threw in a sample of vanilla scented body scrub - how sweet!!) 

Now, I really have to rave about this lip balm. It goes on SO smoothly. It almost feels like it turns into liquid when you rub it on your lips - unlike any lip balm I've ever used before (and I've tried them all!). I also love the subtle sheer color that the tint provides. It really just enhances the natural color of your lips and doesn't look at all like you're wearing lipstick and it isn't sticky like a gloss. Love it. My only complaint (if you can really call it that - maybe "recommendation" would be a better word) is that I wish the mint flavor was a little bit stronger. But that is just my preference - I like it bold! ;)

I highly recommend trying out this all-natural lip balm. You don't have to get the tinted version if you aren't interested in the added drop of color - she sells it untinted as well (Obviously!). And she offers it flavored or unflavored. See all your lip balm options HERE. While you're there, be sure to check out all of Lilac Ave's other natural items! Thanks, Deb, for selling such a great product!

Legal stuff - While I did receive two lip balms for the price of one (plus a sample of sugar scrub), this has not influenced my opinion of the lip balm product itself. My opinions are honest, unbiased and my own.

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  1. I'm addicted to mine too- but I only have one and keep it religiously in the same place! thanks for sharing the Etsy shop- I'll have to check it out.

  2. thank you so much for sharing this. i'm a lip balm girl too but havent found one i love.

  3. ooh i may have to try this. i love my nivea lip balms but i am always looking to add to my "collection"


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