Monday, July 18, 2011

How I store my sheets

How do you store your sheets? Do you fold each sheet individually and then put sets in piles? That is how I used to do it. And my closet looked like this...

Piles of sheets

Not necessarily terrible, but not the nicest looking pile either - don't you agree?

Then I discovered the "pillowcase method" (as I like to call it). Here is the dealio...

1 - Fold the flat and fitted sheets from your set as you normally would. {Wow, those are some wrinkly sheets! LOL} {Oh, and yes, they will stay that way - the 3 yr old doesn't care if her sheets are wrinkly} {Ok, you got me - the sheets on my bed look the same exact way} {Hello, my name is Kyra. I am a non-ironer of sheets}. {And clearly I don't even bother to get them out of the dryer and folded soon enough to prevent wrinkles. Such is my life. Sue me.} Ok, so anyway... fold each of your sheets however you like to fold them.

Lay out your folded {terribly wrinkly} sheets

2 - Take a pillowcase from the set and open it. Slide in your first folded sheet into the lower half of the pillowcase.

Slide the folded sheets into a pillowcase

3 - Slide in your second folded sheet on top of the first. Add any extra pillowcases.

Peek a Boo!

4 - All of your sheets should be in the lower half of the pillowcase. Fold over the top half of the case to create a nice little neat package.

Nice little package!

5 - Admire how much nicer your linen closet looks now!

Much neater now! I love organized sheets!

The nice thing about this method is that when you want to change the sheets on a bed, you just grab your nice little packet and carry it easily to your bed. No searching for missing pillowcases, no juggling of crazy fitted sheets that want to pop open when you look at them funny... just a nice organized packet of linens. :)

Niiiiice! :)

What do you think? Better, huh? How do you organize your linens? Do you use my "pillowcase" method? {'cause, after all, I invented it you know} {and you probably owe me some sort of commission or royalty or residual check if you do} {heehee - I think I need to get more sleep!} {maybe the wrinkles in my sheets are disrupting my sleep??} {OK, I'd better go schedule this post and get to bed!} 

{  :) }

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  1. oh i saw that idea on pinterest and tried it too but even my pillowcases don't look as good as your or martha stewarts! sadness. but I am like you with sheets- and i cannot imagine a worse use of my time than ironing sheets. seriously.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this idea, I am totally going to go through my linen closet and do that this weekend to all our sheets! Got any tips for towels, lol? ;-)

  3. Hey I'm here from "Not Just a Housewife" and I was just frustrated with folding sheets this morning! So I was extra interested in your blog post :) thanks so much for sharing. BTW I don't iron my sheets either - don't tell my mother!

  4. I like your method and would definitely use it if I kept more than one sheet set per bed.

    Do some people seriously iron their sheets?? I'm all about ironing wrinkly clothes, but sheets? I have a lot of other, more noticeable things to devote my time to. :)

    Great tip, and thanks for sharing!

  5. This is genius! I think we're going to need to do this in our linen closet. Because every time we organize and clean it somehow ends up messy again.

  6. I love the pillow case method and have been using it for years to hide my non ironed sheets! The only time my sheets have been semi ironed was when I got them out of the package!

  7. So simple, yet completely brilliant! I guess I know what I'll be doing to my linen closet this weekend...thanks for the great idea!

  8. I think this is going to help many a people. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I just featured your sheet storage tip! Your link had the most visits this week too! :)


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