Friday, July 22, 2011

My cup runneth over! Thank you Heidi!

OK, so I would be COMPLETELY remiss if I did not take a moment to send a quick shout-out...

 ~ HOLLA!~

... to Heidi over at The Frugal Girls. Over the past month, she has featured my projects... not once... not twice... but THREE times! What the What???  Holy canoli!!

I am sooooo incredibly honored and flattered that she (and all of her readers!) find me to be somewhat inspiring talented worthy cool creative interesting {dare I say it outloud?}.

Why the big deal? You see, I currently have about 250 followers. And I am proud of my 250 followers. I am grateful for each and every one of those followers. And while I know I am "small potatoes" in the land of blogs, I am just fine with that. I am here for fun - not numbers. Knowing that there are a handful of you out there who enjoy traveling along with me is so gratifying and it just makes me feel all warm inside to know that there you are truly interested in what I have to say/write.


But, seriously, when a blog like Heidi's gives me a few "props", I have to admit that I am humbled and giddy with excitement all at the same time. I mean c'mon folks... in case you haven't noticed, Frugal Girls has... oh... I don't know... somewhere in the vicinity of 130 THOUSAND followers/likers! That is 6 digits people! Um yeah, I have about 0.2% of that. LOL.

As I said before, I know I'm "small potatoes" and that's cool. But the truth is... when you're talking about a blog the size of Frugal Girls... I'm really like one single dehydrated instant potato flake in comparison to Heidi who is a big honkin' bowl of creamy, buttery, mashed potato goodness. {Great, now I'm hungry.}   So, yeah, when a blog that size gives little ole me some exposure, I am giddy with excitement and pride. :D

Anyway, I just want to send out a formal ~THANK YOU~ to Heidi and to all of you new visitors {hello!} and followers {welcome!}. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by my humble little blog and hope you come back again! :)

You can see my project features over at Frugal Girls HERE (rainbow pudding popsicles), HERE (cake mix cookies) and HERE (DIY Mock Wainscoting).

And be sure to check out The Frugal Girls!

{p.s. Truth be told, my initial discovery of the land 'o' blogs started with Frugal Girls a couple of years ago when my husband was out of work for a year and we needed to save as much money as possible. Heidi shares so many awesome money saving tips/coupons/deals it was truly a lifesaver for us. I got hooked quickly and it wasn't until almost a year after that when I started getting into the DIY/crafty side of the blogosphere. Heidi is now venturing into that realm as well and I am so excited to have my two worlds collide!} I encourage you to check her out!

Thanks again!

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  1. Aww ~ thank you Kyra for the incredibly sweet shout out! It's always a pleasure featuring your fun projects & recipes... you are so talented and creative! :) Thank YOU for all of the time and hard work you put into each Tutorial and Recipe you share with us!!

    ~ Heidi


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