Friday, September 10, 2010

Dollar Tree Hurricanes

Well, I've done it... I've gone and jumped on the bandwagon...

It's Dollar Tree Hurricane time!!! :)

Now these have been crafted by many a blogger out there and I am just one humble follower of the crowd, but I figured I would post about it anyway in case there is someone out there who hasn't seen it yet (bwah ha ha ha ha! :).

First, check out THESE beautiful hurricanes from Williams Sonoma. Pretty, huh? But even on sale the medium ones are still $30 each!  Sorry, but that is too pricey for MY pocketbook! Or HERE is another similar version from Pottery Barn. I love the curvey lines but these start at $40 each! Yikes!

For the record, I stole saw the idea HERE on Decor Chick's blog. Be sure to check her out -- she has some amazing talent and I have been enjoying reading all of her posts!

Following Decor Chick's advice, I headed out to my local Dollar Tree. I immediately found the glass candelsticks and put 3 of them in my little basket (I remember reading somewhere that you should always decorate in three's - apparently it is more aesthetically pleasing to eye or something). Then I walked around the display to find the hurricanes. Mind you, I saw the ones that Decor Chick had used... but I also found some that were fluted at the top -- just like the Williams-Sonoma ones! I grabbed a few of those up too and rushed home!

Of course the labels were stuck tight to the bottom of the hurricanes but a dollop of cooking oil and a wipe with a paper towel and they rubbed right off! (A neat little trick I learned a while ago -- cooking oil can work just as WELL as Goo Gone!) Then I got out the Gorilla Glue and set to work.

I used geometry and quadratics to find eyeballed the center of the hurricanes and glued the candelsticks to them. 

Then I set them in a safe place to dry and placed a heavy book on top to ensure a tight seal. I let them dry overnight before I messed with them (and not necessarily because I thought they needed 24 hours to cure, but because life can get pretty hectic in our house - funny how kids and work and husbands can do that ;).

And VOILA! The finished product!!

Filled with some fake lemons found on clearance at Home Goods

Not bad for $2 each!

EDIT: See my posts HERE {birthday party} and HERE {Fall and Christmas} and HERE {spring} for other various ways I have used/decorated these hurricanes.

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  1. I love that you made that hurricane. They can be so expensive. I think yours looks like it was expensive. I think that I might make one myself.

  2. Ha! I did this SAME project just a few weeks ago! I put a large calendar in it and some fall leaves. I love how versatile it is! I may have to get more than 1, like you! Great job!

    Thanks for linking up to my Friday link party! Hope to see you back this Friday!

  3. Oops, I meant candle. Not calendar. That doesn't make any sense at all! Sorry. ;)

  4. Wow! I hadn't seen these done before but have seen the supplies at my dollar store. I know what I'm doing tomorrow! Thank you.

  5. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Now I can correctly link this back to you! I appreciate it! I knew I saw this somewhere :)

  6. WOW!! Looks really great!!I wish to have one ;)
    Regards form Poland :)

  7. looks great... now I want to make some - lol!


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