Thursday, February 23, 2012

Party Punch

When I posted about Boogey's Rainbow Party HERE, I mentioned that I served some punch for the kiddos.

Rainbow Party Punch

I've never made a party punch before but did a quick search online to get some ideas in my head about the basics. I didn't follow any one recipe in particular, but kind of just "winged it" and it turned out DEE-LISH!  All of the kids loved it and the parents enjoyed it too.

There is no science to this punch... I literally just dumped my ingredients into the beverage dispenser (the kids helped me), gave it a stir and done! Here is what I used:

Boogey's RAINBOW Party Punch
  • 1 large can (12 oz.) frozen pink lemonade concentrate
  • 1 lemonade can's worth of water
  • 1 large bottle (64 oz.) of berry-flavored juice
  • 1 bottle (2 liter) of Diet Sprite
  • 2/3 of a large can (46 oz.) of pineapple juice (give or take depending on your tastes)

That's it! The kids loved this punch and there was hardly any left over at the end of the party. We mixed and served it in the awesome beverage dispenser the Heela gave me for Christmas. I don't know what it is about these things, but I honestly believe they make drinks taste even better! Plus, the kids love being able to serve themselves!

{If you want to make this punch a little more "adult friendly" just add a little vodka ;}

Do you have a favorite punch recipe?

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  1. Love this! Where do you get one of those dispensers?! The only punch I make has scoops of sherbet! I take a punch bowl, fill it half way with sprite, then take a smaller bowl and put it inside the punch bowl and weight it down- put the whole thing in the freezer- this freezes the sprite into a concave "bowl" inside the punch bowl! Then I scoop sherbet into it with more sprite! Good for summer, the frozen sprite melts and it all stays cold!

  2. This is one of our favorite punch recipes too! Thanks for sharing at my party!


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