Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another "Take 2"

So remember HERE where I told you about how I "springified" my clearance find vase? And do you remember how I wasn't loving the vinyl flower I had added to the vase? Well, I ended up taking it off altogether and didn't replace it with anything. Instead, I put in a few (fake) forsythia branches and let the simpleness of the vinyl "bloom" speak for itself.

I placed the vase on the mantle next to one of my Dollar Tree Hurricanes (see HERE for how I "made" this for only $2!). Inside the hurricane, I put a bag of split peas (cost less than $1 at the grocery store) and a candle from my basement stash (free!). I like it!! :)

Have you ever gone back and changed one of your projects to make better and been pleasantly surprised by the edits?

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1 comment:

  1. Kyra it's absolutely perfect, I wouldn't change a thing! And yes I am changing things constantly!!


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