Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DIY Door Initials

The doors to my daughters' rooms are right next to each other. And when I say "right next to  each other" I mean RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!

So... after we moved in, I was worried that my older daughter (who was just under 2 years old at the time) would have trouble remembering which door was hers. And I didn't want to risk her going into the 6 month old's room and wake her up

Let sleeping babies lie!!!

So I thought it may be helpful for her to have her initial on her door so she knew which one was her room. And since I was doing one for SweetPea, I knew I might as well do one for Boogey too. 

I headed out to Michaels and bought some basic white letters -- they couldn't have been more than a buck or two each. Then I painted them a nice cheery yellow and added some detail around the edges with a black sharpie.

While I was at Michaels I had also picked up a few of their pre-painted, mini, wood decorative pieces so I hot glued them onto the painted letter in locations that wouldn't interfere with being able tell what the letters were. I added a little bit of black detail to a couple of the decorative pieces just to tie them all into each other a little better.

I have to say I was actually a little surprised at how great they turned out! :)

The letters already had a pre-drilled hole in the back so I just put a small nail into the door and hung them up. But... we soon realized that they banged (is that a word??) against the door every time you breathed on them. So I attached some velcro to the bottom of the letters with the other side to the door -- VOILA!! No more banging! 

I figure as the girls grow and their tastes change, we can do new letters in new colors with different decorative pieces.

What do you think?? I am quite pleased with them! :)

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  1. THey are super cute, love it!

    Thanks for becoming my 1000th follower, how exciting! I'm off to look around your blog some more!
    Take care

  2. Love it! Very nice idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog..

  3. Really cute! Great idea on the Sharpie too!

    xoxo, cassie


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