Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Patio Chair Score!

As mentioned in my post HERE, we scored ourselves a nice "new" patio table earlier this summer. And while the majority of the table could be serviced by the built-in bench on our deck, we still had room for 2 chairs on one side of the table. But being the cheapo frugal gal that I am, I didn't want to invest a ton of money in fancy patio chairs. So for about a month we made due with the plastic ones I bought years and years ago. 

To be honest, as far as plastic patio chairs, these ones are actually quite nice. Not your basic white shorties. But obviously not very ~classy~ either!

Then... Target had its summer gear clearance sale...

I headed over and sifted through all the mess that it had become in the hopes I might be able to find a couple of decent chairs. Well, by the time I got there, everything had been pretty picked over. They did have some nice looking wicker ones, but they wouldn't really work for our space. I mean, I really needed something that would work at a dining table -- not something designed for lounging around.

Then... suddenly... I spotted something...

 Hidden behind one of those big red Target wheelie bins (which was filled with small clearance items) I spied a BIG beat up box. It was a pair of cast aluminum, turning, tilting, rocking, suitable-for-dining chairs! And they even came with cushions!

(see Target Link HERE)

And they were marked down... 

wait for it...

 75% off!!

THe original price was $250 for the pair. I'll be totally honest and say that I would NEVER pay $250 for 2 patio chairs. (Hello, my name is Kyra and I'm a cheapo-aholic). But marked down to $62??? HECK YEAH!! 

I immediately called for a Target Associate and had them bring the box to the front of the store for me. And as soon as I got home, I set out to assemble them. Of course one of the assembly kits was missing some parts but a quick call to the manufacturer got a new one sent (FREE OF CHARGE :) within the week.

I am THRILLED with them! So comfortable and, as luck would have it, they match great with the color of the table! YAY! Not bad for $62 (for TWO motion chairs!)

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