Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Powder Room Makeover

As mentioned in previous posts (such as HERE) we were pleased that our house was (relatively) move-in ready when we bought it 2 years ago. But, while ALL of the walls had been freshly painted, they were ALL the same.exact.color. Yes, even the ceilings had been painted that same color. And every surface, in every room was done in semi-gloss! Now, I don't know what the color is called, but it comes closest to the color of one of these...

... but not quite so yellow and colorful. {HAHA}. I knew we could live with it for a while, especially since it meant I could add furniture and decor in any style, color, etc. to any room. But eventually, it began to wear on me. I got soooooooooo tired of seeing the same. exact. color on every surface of this house!! I need color!!! I want to paint!!


The ceilings on the main floor of our house are 9 feet tall. And our master bedroom and bath have slanted cathedral ceilings. And our foyer is two full stories high. And while I am plenty capable of doing a nice paint job on a "normal" sized room, I just don't have the capacity to deal with ladders or *gulp* scaffolding! So that means hiring a professional painter.


Due to the open floor plan of the main level and foyer, I know that if we do one room (i.e. - the Family Room) we probably need to do the kitchen and the dining room and the foyer and the upstairs hallway and..... ummmm.... can you say CHA-CHING?!?!?

Yeah, we just don't have the money right now to hire someone to paint this entire house.


But as I said, I need some color somewhere, darnit! So I decided to take the plunge a baby step and do the powder room on the main floor. Here are a few pictures of the bland before. The only "change" I had made at this point was to install a new towel rack. (and sorry these pics aren't the greatest - it is hard to take good pics of such a small space that has no natural light).

Powder Room Before - Blah!
Plastic "Brass" Light {EEK!} and Boring Mirror

Shortly after we moved in, I found these prints at Target and fell in love with the color scheme. There were two in the set and I hung them on opposite walls.

Print from Target

I added some nice Chocolate Brown hand towels (from Target) and found this soap dispenser (and a matching kleenex holder) at Bed Bath and Beyond (and YES, of course I used a couple of 20% off coupons! This is ME, after all!).

(note that boring wall color - our ENTIRE house is this color!!)

I really like the chocolate brown and eggshell blue color scheme so I decided to match the blue of the soap dispenser for the paint color knowing it would keep things fresh and light in this small room. I went with Valspar (from Lowes) in Lake Breeze. I also bought a new light fixture and mirror.

And I have to say... I am SO pleased with how well it all came together!!! Here are some pics of the finished product. (It is kind of hard to really see the true blue in these pics. Take my word for it when I say that it really isn't quite as washed out as it seems in these pics. It is such a pretty, soft aqua).

Lovely New Light Fixture from Lowes 
I love the two-tone look and the bevel on this mirror
(from Bed Bath and Beyond)
So hard to get a good pic in this small space!

I love these little mirrors I found at HomeGoods
(there is a third one on the opposite wall)

I still need to replace the faucet on the pedestal sink, but overall... I think the makeover was a success!

As always, here is the before and after:


So? I know I like it! What do you think??


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  1. That blue is so pretty....really changes the feel of the bathroom. Great job!

    xoxo, cassie

  2. I had to smile reading your post- I am in the EXACT same boat! We've been in our house for 2 1/2 years and I am drowning in a hosed down world of brownish yellow beige!!!!! AAAAHHHGG! :)
    I love the color you painted your powder room- we have been slowly but surely getting rid of all the brown, and our master bedroom/bathroom has the same blue in it. So nice, isn't it?
    Signing up to follow you- looks like we are on the same path to recreating our homes.

  3. I love it Kyra! It looks fantastic!

  4. This is fantastic! I just re-did my bathroom with blue on the walls and chocolate brown accessories! It seems to be the way to go this season. I LOVE the mirror, too! Great choice!

  5. I really like that color---LakeBreeze...have to remember that. Stopping by via ISVC. Great makeover!

  6. I love the color combination. So pretty! Great job!


  7. I love your flower mirrors. They are really cute.

  8. I love the flower mirrors you found! They look great in your space!

  9. This looks so good! I love the colors! I am a follower!
    Can you help me out? I am in a contest because of a recent post that I did on my weight loss. There is a contest on Face Book and I need you to vote! I am so close and I don't want the other guy to win! Just click on the link below and like that page (up at the top) then in the left hand column find my picture( I’m the one in the black bathing suit) under photo's 4 of 14 click(SEE All) and leave a comment under my picture! Thanks!!
    You might have to copy and paste it into your browser.

  10. Love your paint color -- so calming and beautiful! All the other features just add to that relaxing feel!

  11. Awesome makeover! I love the dark brown and eggshell blue.
    I have the same problem with high ceilings in my sitting room, foyer, and stairs...but I just painted what i could, and now I'm waiting so we can get someone to do the rest, which would probably never happen..there is always something elsethat needs to get done, first.

  12. So cute! I have the exact same dilemma with painting my house! I'm so tired of my white walls that I'm finally tackling our upstairs bath. Your space turned out great!

  13. I love the little mirrors! What a great space.

  14. Omg so cute! My husband and i are doing the same thing, slowly changing it to be our own. And we just got back from buying everything for our powder room. We are doing pale yellow walls with white wainscoting. I cant wait!


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