Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

So I'm on vacation this week. Since my birthday is always right around the Labor Day Holiday, I always take that holiday week off work. We never go anywhere or do anything special... it is just a week off... for me... to do what I want.

Jealous?? ;)

So yesterday I decided to go thrifting. I have to admit, I've never done it before. I mean, I've gone to a yard sale or two but I've never really made a day out of going from thrift store to thrift store (hangs head in shame). So yesterday was THE day! I made it to 4 stores and picked up 2 things that caught my eye. 

The first was from the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store Store. This cute little shelf:

It was only $5 (price tag still on the back showed it was from HomeGoods originally)

To be honest, I realllllly dislike the flowers and one of the drawers is missing, but otherwise it is actually really solid -- even the pegs are still on nice and tight. I have ideas for how to spruce it up and make it a little prettier. (Stay tuned... ;). Overall, I thought it wasn't too bad for only 5 buckeroos.

The next item I found was at a store called Life 4 Animals. The proceeds of what they sell go towards animal rescue and care -- a great cause. It is a really quaint little shop and in really nice order. I found this basket with fruit shapes in it and immediately snatched it up.

The fruit pieces are SOLID WOOD -- you just can't find that anymore these days -- and have some really nice detailed carving on some of them.

I really like the shape of this pear. So cute!!

And the best part of it all... the basket plus all 9 wood pieces only cost $4!! You can't even buy a piece of fake plastic fruit for less than $1, let alone NINE. Score!! :)

I originally planned on painting the fruit, but now that I've cleaned them up a bit, I kind of like the rustic, wood appearance. I'll have to see where they end up in the house to decide if I want to paint them or not.

What do you think? Paint or leave natural?

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  1. Personally I'd paint them. Distressed white is really in right now...

  2. I'd paint 'em too. Thanks for the comment on my blog! The niche is my favorite part of the bathroom :)


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