Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Rag Wreath

So before I even get started, I will admit that I totally stole this idea from Tanya at A Little Bit of Everything. You can see her post HERE which I flat out copied. Thank you Tanya! :)

(And even though Tanya included a detailed tutorial with her post, I figured I would go ahead and include one too in the event that you don't get a chance to link over to hers. But you really should - she's got some great ideas on her blog!).

First I bought some fabric in 5 different Halloween patterns. I bought 1/3 yd of each since I knew I wanted my strips to be about 12" long.  (**EDIT - As I look back, I think I should have made my strips a few inches shorter. They seem to be too droopy since they are so long. Next time!)

Then I cut them into approximately 1" strips (I didn't measure - just eyeballed it). Initially I cut 19 strips of each fabric (I have absolutely NO idea why I chose 19! What a weird number! So unlike me!) and it took me about 45 minutes to cut those 95 strips total.

Then I formed my "hoop" out of a wire hanger just using my hands to pull it into a circle shape.

Then I just started double knotting the strips onto the form. I think it took me about one minute per strip but I didn't really pay attention since I just did it in front of the TV one night. After my 95 strips were gone, I was about here...

So I tightened it all up and cut another 11 strips of each fabric (getting me to a total of 30 strips of each fabric) and finished it all out.

Lastly, I wrapped the hook part of the hanger with some ribbon I picked up in the dollar section at Michaels. I just wrapped it around itself and didn't even secure it with glue.

And here is the final product hanging on our front door.


I didn't add a bow like Tanya did (bows just aren't my style) but I think it came out pretty nice even without it. Thanks for the great and {easy} idea Tanya!!! :)

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  1. So fun and perfect for the season. Come and link to Seasonal Sundays. The link is open until late Monday night.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. Hope to see you next week.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Very, very cleaver and so cute...I am going to try it! Thanks.

  4. VERY cute! Thank you so much for stopping and leaving your sweet words on my Cookie Monster Pinata! I'm a bit behind in responding to comments after going offline for a few days but I wanted to make sure I thanked you!

    freckled hugs,

  5. I just made the same type of cute rag wreath post today! Using a hanger is so clever, it comes with a handy hook!

  6. Wow your wreath is fabulous and the tutorial on how to create it is so generous:)

  7. I made one of these last year and just got it out today.

    I like the fabrics you chose!

  8. How fun! I love this, it's so cute. Thanks so much for sharing!


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